Better Dentures

By Design

Creating a custom designed, natural looking smile for every patient


We believe in providing the highest quality of product and customer care by focusing on each patient's individual needs.  We accomplish this by being open with our patients and ensuring good communication throughout the entire process.

All of our dentures are made in our on-site laboratory.  Having an on-site lab is a key part of Creative Designs commitment to provide a high quality product.

Each denture is hand made by Sidor.

  • Complete and Immediate Dentures

  • Partial Dentures

  • Implant Retained Dentures

  • Same Day Relines and Repairs

  • Soft Liners

  • Denture Adjustments

  • Velscope Oral Cancer Screening

Services We Offer:



"I was referred to Creative Design by my dentist, Dr. Pitcher.  Feeling very apprehensive over the decision to get dentures, I was soon put to easy by the friendly staff that made me feel comfortable.  I felt like I was treated like family.

The finished result is fantastic and my teeth look very natural.  People don't even know I've had dental work done.  I am very pleased with the professional service and strongly recommend Sidor Fedoruk and Staff!"


Wetaskiwin, Alberta

"I just want to thank Sidor again!! Melt my heart! He's my new hero! I'm not sure if he saw the thing I had been using and it was my 5th one! He came up with something very different that isn't going to impact my existing teeth... the other things I had been using actually progressed my decay... I'm so impressed with Sidor! Thank you so much! I think I just might leave my house today."


Warburg, Alberta

“Terrific service and great staff."


Wetaskiwin, Alberta

"I will say my service is excellent and very very pleasant people.  Sidor is supreme and Carol and the other gal are good.  All the best to you all!"


Wetaskiwin, Alberta

"I have had gum disease for many years and getting dentures before 50 is nobody's wish!!!  I called around and had the most welcoming reaction from Carol.  I booked an appointment and have been in the best hands ever since!  I had an awful top plate and needed to get a bottom.  Sidor worked with me throughout the pain and change of the first year.  There were always there for me and i have the most beautiful dentures I have ever seen.  People don't believe they are not my real teeth.  I will never go anywhere else, they are simply the BEST!"


Millet, Alberta

"Thanks for the great teeth over the last 10 years. One of your first customers."


Wetaskiwin, Alberta

"The service is wonderful. The people that were here are beyond great."


Wetaskiwin, Alberta

"Staff are amazing. Great experience!"


Wetaskiwin, Alberta