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Denture Care Products

We sell the following products at our clinic which can help extend the life of your dentures and natural teeth.

Renew Denture Cleaner ($10)


With its professional strength performance, this denture cleaner can be used to remove tobacco, plaque, coffee, iron, calcium, calculus, tea, tartar and bacteria. Works on removable partial dentures, full dentures, immediate dentures, flexible dentures, dentures in a day, snap in dentures, metal dentures, repaired dentures and more.

Oxyfresh Oral Relief Gel

Oxyfresh Oral Relief Gel ($7)

This powerful, fast-acting Pro Relief Dental Gel is safe for the entire family and perfect for anyone who suffers from dental issues like sore gums, dry mouth, chronic bad breath (halitosis), periodontal support, oral surgery, canker sores, irritated tissues, etc.

Renew Denture Cleaner

GC Dry Mouth Gel ($20)

GC Dry Mouth Gel is designed to provide comfort for person suffering from Dry Mouth. It is recommended to be used for people who may experience difficulties in eating, speaking or are suffering from discomfort due to dry mouth. GC Dry Mouth Gel is sugar free and alcohol free.

GC Dry Mouth Gel
MI Paste

MI Paste ($30)

MI Paste is a topical tooth cream that guards against acid erosion, helps prevent plaque build-up, and reduces bacteria, while strengthen tooth enamel. MI Paste also reduces tooth sensitivity from exposed roots, cracked teeth and cavities.

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